Sept 2022 Test About You Template

About You

With every act of self-care your

authentic self gets stronger and

the critical, fearful mind gets

weaker. Every act of self-care is a

powerful declaration: I am on my

side; each day I am more and more

on my side.



I see you.

You're a woman who's evolving, growing, healing, becoming more and more herself.

You Are:

Curious, passionate, strong, smart, creative, determined to make fresh, self-loving choices in the present moment. To grow and thrive!


You're ready to say YES to You more — to your truths, your needs, your values. 


You Are:

Done trying to be perfect; instead, you're prioritizing Peace, Freedom, and Time to focus on and do amazing things. Putting joy above needing to have everything "together". Craving authenticity. Committed to being/Trusting yourSelf. To feeling more connected, more content & more present.


You want:

Simple tools to ground you, guide you, calm, and nourish you. You’re ready to let go of the fears/ resistance, thinking and habits that stand in the way of living your best life.


Right now, you feel:

  • Like your life is run by that mean voice in your head.
  • Like you don’t know yourself, or how to really take care of yourself.
  • Unable to trust — your voice, your hungers, your soul, your gut.
  • Pulled in a million directions, overwhelmed with stress, guilt, and a never-ending to-do list.
  • Exhausted, like everyone’s needs always come before your own.
  • Out of touch / at war with your body.
  • Stuck in a rut — wondering if anything will ever work for you?
  • Unfocused; unable to stay on your own side, to set loving boundaries, or make time for yourself.
  • Fed up with longing and not living. Tired of denying, depriving, delaying in all parts of your life. No longer willing to wait for someday.
Doubt the voice that doubts you.

To do this work:

You want someone compassionate and experienced, supporting YOU!

A Mentor/Coach, who's been where you are now, and created an accessible, successful, sustainable new path forward.

A Coach who can help you create the life you truly want to live.

An expert who can help you break free from destructive habits and patterns and show you how change can be simple, easy, even FUN!

Someone who will stand in your corner and cheer for you, challenge you, and gently hold you accountable.

Our work together will provide the tools for you to:

  • Eat and Live with Freedom, Passion, Confidence, and Joy.
  • Engage differently with your snarky, inner critic so you can reclaim your life.
  • Trust yourself and let go of over-thinking, planning, and worrying.
  • Identify, challenge, and deconstruct old habits, patterns, thinking, & behavior, and build new behaviors, new tools, and a new path for your best life forward.
  • Use Mindfulness-based practices to shift reactions to stressful thoughts and emotions.
  • Befriend what is going on inside you.
  • Become aware of what nourishes you and what lights you up.
  • Re-establish ownership of your body and mind — of yourself.
  • Learn to respond to YOU—lovingly, compassionately, authentically.