Creative Mindfulness Coach & Mentor


I can help you learn to

trust yourself

and transform your life.

Hi! I’m Susan, a Creative Mindfulness Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Rule Breaker & extreme chocolate lover. I want to help you free yourself from the BS that keeps you in self-defeating patterns. I want to help you FIND PEACE with food, body and life.

Whatever struggles, setbacks, or shame you've experienced, I understand because I’ve been there, too. I know how easy it is to get pulled into that snarky, inner voice that yells, You’re not good enough. That voice is loud... and incorrect! I see how amazing you are! I want to inspire you and help you believe in yourself, so you see yourself the way I SEE YOU: Amazing. Smart. Strong.

For over 30 years, using Mindfulness-based tools, Compassion, Self-Care, Creativity, & Play, I’ve been teaching others who have felt just the way you do now — to break free from habitual rules, fears, doubts and unhelpful behaviors, and believe they are worthy of the big, joyful life of their dreams.

I have a gift for helping you shift your experience from shame, frustration, fear and self-doubt — to clarity, joy, self trust and compassion. My Holistic Coaching style has been called Creative, Kind, Practical, Profound. And — no BS!

Our collaboration is designed to provide you with clear, personal support/tools so you can reconnect to your inner wisdom (yes, it’s there!), trust and reclaim your body, your appetites, strengths, passions, & dreams. So you can listen to and respond to yourSelf instead of following arbitrary, self-imposed rules. To truly BE YOU; to truly belong to You —This is transformational. This is everything!




Susan looking out of a cafe window eating cake

“Susan changed my life. She taught me to be still, to listen to my body, to love and accept myself, letting go of perfectionism and embracing who I am. I am present in my life again, experiencing it fully, and so grateful.”




"It wasn't until I began working with Susan that I started to feel hope for a happy and peaceful life. I am not only healing my relationship with food and my body, but altering my entire life to reflect the person I really am. With Susan's gentle guidance and intelligent insight, I am able to make kinder choices to facilitate a life with peace. I am forever grateful for finding her!”


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